Sue Bown

sharing and caring

An evolution

Forever, whatever pressure of toil,

Consideration considered, the less is lighter,

With honesty’s digital changes emerge

From the rest of my life, where

Summer thoughts of grave joy

To less connections and struggle

Invention afar alters eyes seem so ready,

To open and shout a battle within

Converse and relate with Mondays and more

Three, a gear change of craft

Relationships riot of culture transforms.

New relationships, new connections,

New ways of practising options.

Positive changes seem ready

To emerge from renewed perspectival positioning.

Changing the methodology of time.

Pressuring unhealthy reactions to considered approaches.

Less is more.

Purging the loneliness to free the tortuous mind clutter.  

Relaxed related reactions,

Experienced with active joy of belonging.

Becoming a comfort zone of revelation and reflection.

The beverage of empathy, a background of combination.

The unselfconscious gloom

Lifting to smile and break habitual acts.

Revisiting old talents ablaze with history and vigour.

Familiarity, hope, reason and production.

A future view unclear of bounds and progressed procrastination.

Artforms mending the reminiscences revealing

Connection, love and tears.

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