Azure Barrett

a room with a view

How did it feel taking time to create this work?

I enjoyed the experience and shared my time with Linda Cunningham (Lang) and my daughter Erica. I didn’t feel any pressure to make a final, detailed piece. We chatted as we created, and the online social aspect made the experience fun. Would definitely do it again.

What are you looking forward to the most after restrictions end?

Going out for lunch and or dinner with friends

About Azure

I work with watered down acrylic ink and paint. I enjoy the loss of control I have with this medium. The marks are spontaneous, dancing and flowing. The paintings are full of energy and movement. 

My recent work focuses on intimacy. A thorough and tender exploration. Using different marks and colours to express my feelings and emotions. I am exploring and celebrating my journey as an artist, providing a female perspective. I am finding my voice as a female artist, an individual in love, and life.

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