Artists / collaboration team

Sue Bown

Sue’s practice is about exploring the relationship between painting and printmaking.  Particularly, the point where one practice transfers to another forming a print, creating a hybrid of the two disciplines.

Becky Dodman Wainwright

Multi-disciplinary textile artist and designer, and textile lecturer. Becky’s current practice explores tasseography (tea leaf readings) as a participatory design process for bespoke interior textile art. Becky specialisms include tufting, tapestry weaving and knit.

Cate Rogers

Cate creates colourful abstractions as a response to the chaotic disordered events of everyday life, using techniques of timing and repetition.

Dan Phillips

Replacing lost works from art history.

List of contributors

Evie Dodman

Sue Phillips

Renee Dosanjh

Veness Dosanjh

Courtney Roberts

Azure Barrett

Madeleine Websdale

Linda Lang

Simon Wainwright

Marielle Newton



This online artwork is a collaboration in conjunction with Plymouth College of Art

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